Catastrophic Legal Expense Relief Program

The Catastrophic Legal Expense Relief Program (CLERP )was established in 1992 to assist counties with the payment of catastrophic legal expenses occurred on behalf of member counties.  This fund was established with the South Dakota Association of County Commissioners and the CLERP Board.

The Catastrophic Legal Expense Program Board consists of five county commissioners serving staggering terms of four years or until their term as county commissioner has expired.  They are appointed at the pleasure of the SDACC President.

Current CLERP Board members:
Bill Floyd, Sully County – Chair
Lee Gabel, Codington County
Tom Hansen, Beadle County
Duane Sutton, Brown County
Charles Verhulst, Harding County

There are 58 counties that participate in this program.  For a detailed description of this program, please refer to South Dakota Codified Law (SDCL) 7-16B and Administrative Rules, Article 22:01 or call this office at (605) 224-4554.

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