Our Staff

Executive Director

Kristie (Kris) Jacobsen became Executive Director on July 1, 2021, previously serving as administrative support for SDACC since December 2004.  Her additional duties include being the editor of the SDACC Newsletter, County Comment, the SDACC Directory, along with other  publications and brochures.  She contributes to the development and maintenance of the SDACC / SDACO web sites. Kris is also responsible for the financial matters of the Association by administering the Catastrophic County Poor Relief Fund (CCPR) and Catastrophic Legal Expense Relief Fund (CLERP), helps with coordination of all SDACC / SDACO  meetings and conferences.

Deputy Director

Kade Haley became Deputy Director August 4th, 2022 after serving as Office Manager for a short time. His duties include serving as the co-editor/proof-reader on all Association publications, planning, promoting, coordinating and executing meetings, conferences, and workshops. He also reviews and approves all financial reports, vouchers, invoices, checks, and interfund transfers. Also included are handling and fulfilling requests for Association information and materials, as well as serving as system administrator for the Association database. Relentless in his passion to help others and a true sophophile, his unique skillset allows him to examine issues from numerous perspectives and implement increasingly effective solutions.

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