As the form of government closest to the people, counties offer a unique perspective that makes them critical players in decisions affecting their citizens and as state and local governments evolve, counties will continue to play a prominent role.  The South Dakota Association of County Commissioners serves as the counties’ advocate before the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government and identifies resources to address the challenges faced by county government.

Boards of commissioners in every county are eligible for membership in this Association. Collectively through the Association, they strive to preserve and protect the authority and ability of county governments to deliver the services for which they are responsible.

Some very useful links are available here to find out more about individual counties, some related national organizations, and the state government. We strive to develop close ties with the people, agencies and organizations that shape this state.

The South Dakota Association of County Commissioners (SDACC) is a long-standing, statewide, non-profit, tax exempt (under Internal Revenue Code 501((c)(4)) organization that was authorized in 1939 under South Dakota Codified Law SDCL 7-7-28, which states:

“The county commissioners and elected officials of any county may join with the commissioners and elected officials of other counties in formation of an association of county commissioners and elected officials in this state for the purpose of securing concerted action among the counties in behalf of such matters, measures and county affairs as the associations deem to be beneficial to and in the common interest of the counties.  Such associations may hold meetings for the discussion and consideration of matters as affect the welfare of the counties.  The board of county commissioners may annually appropriate funds for the payment of reasonable annual dues in any such association.”

The purpose of the Association, as further described in its Bylaws, is:

1. To establish and develop an Association of County Commissioners of South Dakota for the improvement of county government through the study of county issues and to increase efficiency through effective planning.

2. To be in compliance with such South Dakota Codified Laws as pertain to county government, and with matters deemed beneficial to the common interest of counties.

Our membership consists of 311 County Commissioners and is an organization established to promote and protect the interests of South Dakota’s 66 counties.

Contact Information

South Dakota Association of County Commissioners
Kris Jacobsen, Executive Director

211 East Prospect Avenue
Pierre, SD  57501
Phone:  605-224-4554
Fax:  605-224-4833
Email: kris@sdcountycommissioners.org

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