Helpful Links

An information filled resource for all counties across the state.

South Dakota Association of Counties (SDACO)
A helpful link for County Officials such as Auditors, Register of Deeds, and Treasurers.

The SDAAO is a professional organization of County Directors of Equalization and their staff members whose duty it is to appraise real property for taxation purposes.

The State of South Dakota’s website is a wealth of news and information of services and events happening across this state.

The South Dakota Legislature page is an important resource for all your legislative questions.
The South Dakota Local Transportation Assistance Program (SDLTAP) translates the latest highway and bridge technology into understandable terms for local government entities throughout the state. In linking transportation technology and local government, SDLTAP keeps local government officials informed about new publications, techniques, and training opportunities that may benefit their communities.
The main street attorney in rural South Dakota is an endangered species.  In his 2011 State of the Judiciary address, South Dakota Supreme Court Chief Justice David E. Gilbertson drew attention to the decline of attorneys practicing in rural communities.  The dearth of small town attorneys in relation to the need for legal services in rural South Dakota is shocking.   The impact of losing rural lawyers on the economic viability and social fabric of rural communities and the delivery of justice to these areas is potentially devastating to the State of South Dakota and to a way of life that built this state.   Action to preserve the rural legal practitioner—the counsel and confidant of small town South Dakota—is necessary.

South Dakota Secretary of State
South Dakota Secretary of State will answer all your voting questions

Their mission is to serve the legislators, government officials  and citizens of the State of South Dakota by providing quality independent audits and assistance to the State of South Dakota and local governments.  

For specific information on crops, economics, family, livestock and weather.

South Dakota Congressional Delegation

Senator Mike Rounds
Senator John Thune
Representative Dusty Johnson

US DOT Federal Highway Administration
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) provides stewardship over the construction, maintenance and preservation of the Nation’s highways, bridges and tunnels. FHWA also conducts research and provides technical assistance to state and local agencies in an effort to improve safety, mobility, and livability, and to encourage innovation.

Gravel Roads Construction and Maintenance Guide

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