Risk Sharing Services

The SDACC is proud to sponsor two risk sharing pools.  These pools have been very successful in providing broad coverage at stable, fair rates and have saved member entities substantial funds through the 20 years they have been in existence.  Information and applications are available on each  website.

SDML Workers Compensation Fund
The SDML Workers’ Compensation Fund is a self-funded workers’ compensation pool for South Dakota public entities. Public entities can purchase workers’ compensation protection through a program endorsed by the South Dakota Association of County Commissioners and the South Dakota Municipal League. Since 1987, 183 cities, 59 counties and 62 special districts have joined this fund.   One of the many benefits of the SDML WC Fund is free loss control services including, a video library, surveys, on-line training, as well as classroom training.

For any questions, or information, contact:
Brad Wilson, SDML WC Fund Administrator
Insurance Benefits, Inc.
4901 S. Isabel Place #110
Sioux Falls, SD 57108
Phone: 800-233-9073
email: info@sdmlwcfund.com and the website: www.sdmlwcfund.com

The SDPAA provides General Liability, Automobile Liability, Auto Physical Damage, Public Officials Liability, Law Enforcement Liability, Property, Boiler and Equipment Breakdown, Enhanced Crime and Cyber Liability coverage to governmental entities in South Dakota.  Our Mission : To provide exceptional coverage and service to our Members, ensuring stable rates and risk reduction for South Dakota’s future.

The SDPAA is Member-Owned, Protecting Local Government Assets since 1987.  Over 400 South Dakota local governmental entities currently participate in the SDPAA.  Members receive free loss control and free building valuation services.
For any questions or information, please contact the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance at 800-658-3633 (Option2) or online at www.sdpaaonline.org


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