Welfare Directors

The South Dakota Association of County Welfare Officials is an organization of individuals employed by counties throughout the state who work with individuals who find themselves in need of economic or medical assistance.  The objectives of this Association are to:

1. Promote the general welfare of its members;
2. Establish uniform procedures;
3. Serve in an advisory capacity to the legislature, the South Dakota Association of County Commissioners (SDACC), and the South Dakota Association of County Officials (SDACO) in the matters of county welfare; and
4. Bring the county welfare officials together for the mutual exchange of ideas for the promotion of greater efficiencies in county welfare offices.

The meetings of this Association are held at such times and places as designated by the Executive Board.  An annual meeting is held at such time and place as the SDACC holds its annual convention.

2020 – 2021 SDACWO Executive Board
President: Debbie Emme, Davison County
Vice President: Doug DeBoer, Hand County
Secretary: Jennifer Barnard, Kingsbury County
Past President: Lori Montis, Minnehaha County

CCPR Administrator: Kris Jacobsen, South Dakota Association of County Commissioners

2021 SDACWO Spring Workshop Training video

Regional Training Map

2016 New Region Map

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