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Executive Director

Bob Wilcox has been the SDACC Executive Director since October 2004.  His background as a Stanley County Commissioner for 16 years has served him well for this position.  As executive director, he is responsible for coordinating and administering all association activities as directed by the SDACC Board of Directors. This includes serving as principal state lobbyist for the association.

The role of executive director also involves: planning, establishing and supervising office procedures; preparing and proposing the annual association budget; administering the adopted budget; hiring, supervising and annually evaluating association staff members; and developing and providing educational programs for South Dakota County Commissioners.

Previously, Bob served as Executive Director of the South Dakota Solid Waste Management Association.  In addition, Bob operates a ranch south of Ft Pierre.

Deputy Director Kris Jacobsen 1

Kris Jacobsen 2Kristie Jacobsen has been administrative support for Bob Wilcox, SDACC Executive Director since December 2004.  Her additional duties include being the co-editor of the SDACC Newsletter, County Comment, the SDACC Directory, along with other  publications and brochures.  She contributes to the development and maintenance of the SDACC web site. Kris is also responsible for some of the financial matters of the Association by administering the Catastrophic County Poor Relief Fund (CCPR) and Catastrophic Legal Expense Relief Fund (CLERP), helps with coordination of all SDACC meetings and conferences and is one of the three SDACC legislative lobbyists.

Kris had spent the previous eight years with the South Dakota Petroleum and Propane Marketers Association and the South Dakota Telecommunications Association as Administrative Assistant.

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